iPhone 5s Gold, Back, Black, Angle

Yesterday T-Mobile announced that customers can now purchase an iPhone from Apple's online and Apple Store retail locations with a prepaid T-Mobile card. It seems to have slipped under the radar a bit, but the GoPhone prepaid options from AT&T are also now available from Apple Retail stores.

AT&T has been selling the iPhone direct to consumers with its prepaid plans for a while now in its AT&T and Cricket locations, however, so the only real change here is that you can now leave an Apple Store with GoPhone prepaid service. GoPhone smartphone plans start at $60 per month and the entry-level plan includes unlimited calls, messages, 2.5GB of data each month and unlimited texts to more than 100 countries.

Keep in mind that, as with all prepaid plans, you're going to be paying the full upfront cost of the phone first since you're not signing a contract.