AT&T opened a brand new flagship store in New York City earlier today, marking the latest in a series of new locations meant to provide an engaging space that's filled to the brim with new smartphones and tablets. Verizon is also opening a chain of "Destination Stores," with the first located at the Mall of America in Minnesota, though AT&T notes that it kicked off the trend first back in Aug. 2012 with its original flagship store in Chicago.

The carrier's latest store, which it calls a "redesigned retail experience," offers consumers a place to explore new technology and speak with AT&T representatives at public stations throughout the space or at a designated Solutions Center. The store is made up of three main zones which customers experience as they move through the space. The Connected Zone takes up the front of the store, and demonstrates what your mobile device can do through a series of "immersive experiences."

At the center of AT&T's new store you'll find the Community Zone, which features two large tables demonstrating how the carrier's complete ecosystem of devices, apps and accessories work together, while nearby fixtures will highlight "Hero" devices. The back of the store—called the Explore Zone—features a wall of screens showing off everything AT&T has to offer.

We haven't had a chance to check out AT&T's new flagship store for ourselves yet, though the carrier sent us a batch photos from the new location which you can check out in the gallery above. The new store—located in mid-town Manhattan on West 57th street—looks like it's worth a visit whether you have a question about AT&T's smartphone and tablet offerings, or just want to get your hands on the latest devices.