Nokia Lumia 900

I still love the Nokia Lumia 900 and carry it mostly every day in addition to my Galaxy S III. Now, Nokia is making the experience even sweeter through a small update that's now available for all AT&T Lumia 900 smartphones.

Nokia said the biggest addition is a new "flip-to-silence" function that allows users to flip the phone on its face to silence the ringer. The company has also squeezed in a "more reliable boot sequence" after the battery has fully depleted, which we hope means that the device will at least let us know when it's charging most of the time. Finally, Nokia included camera performance and enhancement tweaks to the "pocket-to-photo" function. Maybe that means I'll stop taking pictures in my pocket?

The update is available now through the Zune software on a PC or through the Windows Phone Connector application on Macs.