att next every year

AT&T is rolling out new Next plans that it says will help lower monthly payments and make it easier to upgrade your phone. The two plans, AT&T Next and AT&T Next Every Year, are set to replace the current slate of options on June 9.

AT&T Next Year promises a yearly device upgrade with a 24-month financing program. So you can grab a new phone once you’ve paid for 50 percent of your current device. AT&T Next offers a similar setup with a longer 30-month finance plan and smaller monthly payments as a result. It offers the option to upgrade every two years or once you’ve paid for 80 percent of your phone.

If you prefer to upgrade your phone every year you’ll save some money thanks to AT&T Next Year since the new plan is spread out over 24 monthly payments instead of just 20 months. So for a $650 smartphone you’d pay $325 in 12 months (at $27.08/month) instead of the old rate of $390 ($32.50/month).

Both new plans also include the option to put extra money down when you first pick your phone to lower the price of each monthly payment. You can trade-in a device you already own at any AT&T store to help pay for your next purchase too.

The new plans become official on June 8. If you’re currently covered by an older Next plan you won’t be switched over until the next time you pick up a new phone.