The results are in from TechHive‘s Wireless Week cellular speed tests and AT&T came away with the fastest LTE speeds. For the second year in a row the carrier blew away the competition with an average download 13.5Mbps and average upload speed of 6.45Mbps.

Verizon still has the most coverage across the country, but lagged in second place for LTE service speeds behind AT&T. The carrier averaged a download rate of 9.61Mbps and an upload rate of 5.47Mbps. T-Mobile edged up from last year but still landed in third with an average download rate of 9.01Mbps and an average upload rate of just 2.65Mbps. Finally, Sprint came in last with an average download rate of 4.32Mbps and an upload rate of 2.76Mbps; the carrier also failed to deliver high speed service in highly populated urban centers.

TechHive‘s report also notes that LTE is spreading rapidly, and about one quarter of U.S. cellular subscribers now use the high speed service. Analysts predict that rate to jump up to almost 70 percent by 2017.