AT&T family data plan leak - 1

It appears that shared family data plans are inching closer to being a reality for AT&T customers.

According to images leaked to Engadget from AT&T’s internal customer management system, Telegence, shared data plans are definitely coming in the near future.  In the image above you can see that it talks about the changes coming to the system this month and the creation of a Data node that “will be used to support future Shared Data product offerings.”  However, the image does also show that no launch date has been chosen as of yet for this feature, so we have no clue if this is nearing being ready for release or it may just be in the first stages of testing.

Late last month we learned that Verizon is working on its own shared data plan system, but in that case as well there has been no indication as of yet what the release date will be for that offering either.

It looks like 2012 is going to be a big year of changes for those on family plans with carriers, now lets just see how well it all will work.

[via Engadget]