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AT&T recently announced a new $45 unlimited GoPhone plan for customers who prefer the carrier's no-contract options. The new plan sits smack in the middle of an existing $60 plan and a $40 plan and should be a great new option for folks who are worried about consuming too many minutes each month and, in the past, haven't wanted to sign up for the more expensive $60 option.

The $45 GoPhone plan comes with unlimited talk, text and data, though you only receive 1GB of high-speed 4G LTE data per month before AT&T throttles it down to a max speed of 128Kbps, far too slow for streaming anything. Still, the new plan is just $5 more than the $40 GoPhone option that provides just 500 minutes of talk time, unlimited texting and only 500MB of data. It's also $15 cheaper than the more expensive $60 plan that provides unlimited talk, text and messaging and 2.5GB of 4G LTE data usage per month.

We don't recommend the new plan for heavy smartphone users who frequently stream music and video off of Wi-Fi networks, but it's a great choice for folks who are only surfing the web and checking e-mail, and who find that 500MB each month and 500 voice minutes simply isn't enough. Hit the source to compare the plans for yourself.