AT&T is again changing up the prices of its unlimited data plans, a year after first introducing them. The price changes break down into two categories: individual plans are getting a discount while the family plans will see a price hike.

First reported by Ars Technica, the individual lower-tiered Unlimited Choice Enhanced plan will go from $65 to $60 and the individual higher-tiered Unlimited Plus Enhanced will see a bigger price cut, going from $90 to $80. The respective family plans will see a price hikes of $5 each.

AT&T didn't end the changes with the price. The Unlimited Choice Enhanced, which previously capped out at data speeds of 3Mbps and video streaming at 1.5Mbps, will now do away with the speed cap. It's a welcomed change, but there is a key caveat: customers on this data plan are still subject to slower speeds if the network becomes congested at any point.

The Unlimited Plus Enhanced plan also saw a major change. Its specific hotspot data pool was increased from 10GB to 15GB. This data pool is only used when tethering. After the cap is reached, speeds will be slowed to 128Kbps.

AT&T's newly priced data plans are now available for new and existing customers.