AT&T iPhone 5 Preorder

AT&T opened up pre-orders for the iPhone 5 last Friday, the same day that Sprint, Verizon and Apple itself began accepting orders for the device. Originally, each outlet said the phone would ship by Sept. 21. Not so, according to a GottaBeMobile reader who recently received an email claiming that the device will instead ship in 14 – 21 business days. It almost makes standing in line worth it: at least in that case you would be able to pick up the device earlier than your friends.

But AT&T isn’t to blame here. As GottaBeMobile points out, the carrier specifically states, with an asterisk, that shipment times are not guaranteed. “The actual shipment date and receipt of your order is not guaranteed and may be subject to delays for reasons that include, but are not limited to, product availability, inventory, credit issues and completion of other required AT&T business processes,” AT&T says on its website.

We hope, for the sake of that reader, that the shipment time improves. Considering that the iPhone 5 has demolished AT&Ts own iPhone sales records, and Apple’s, we’re guessing these shipment pushes will continue.

[via GottaBeMobile]