AT&T on Friday introduced new Mobile Share Value plans, some of which replace other options that are currently available. The changes also include some solid add-ons for folks who have larger data buckets.

AT&T's new Mobile Share Value plans now include five different price points, including 300MB for $20 per month (that plan was already in place), 2GB for $30 a month, 5GB for $50 per month, 15GB for $100 per month and 20GB for $140 per month. Customers on the 300MB to 5GB tiers will pay an additional $25 per line with AT&T Next, while 15GB and 20GB customers will pay $15 a line with AT&T Next. Finally, there's a new 25GB data option for $170 a month, in addition to 30GB, 40GB, 50GB and up to 200GB plans. Those larger data buckets that include more than 15GB of data per month also include unlimited texts and calls to Canada and Mexico.

A few plans are have been retired for new subscribers. The 1GB and 3GB plans, which used to cost $25 and $40, respectively, have been removed for the new 2GB plan. Additionally, the 6GB plan that used to cost $70 no longer exists. Previously, however, customers would pay $100 for 10GB, and now those customers can get 15GB for the same price, plus the added bonus of Canada/Mexico talk and text.

If you're digging these prices, AT&T is offering $300 bill credit to folks who already have DIRECTV and U-verse TV accounts and are willing to switch to AT&T wireless. Worth considering.