AT&T’s Android base is doing its best to wait for an official launch date for the HTC One X, but it appears that someone has managed to get hold of HTC’s AT&T-branded flagship device early. A Craigslist seller recently placed an ad asking $675 for a “brand new” white AT&T HTC One X. The seller didn’t reveal how the device was acquired and demanded cash only. He or she also made a reference suggesting the device is slated to hit retail sometime next week.

It appears that the listing has already been taken down, so you can’t put your bid in. Perhaps the seller was successful in their quest for cash, or ran into some type of trouble due to the device not being officially available to the public. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen AT&T’s One X go on sale early, and we’re betting AT&T and HTC would do all it takes to put a lid on this sort of leak.

[via: Phandroid]