AT&T Alaska

The race for HD Voice support now has another contender confirmed for a 2013 run. AT&T senior VP Kris Rinne announced at the VentureBeat Mobile Summit its plans to deploy HD Voice technology later this year as “part of their LTE expansion strategy.”

Higher end phones, much like the iPhone 5 and (likely) the upcoming iPhone 5S, support HD Voice for better quality when speaking on compatible devices and networks. T-Mobile will fully support HD Voice when it finally begins selling the iPhone 5 later this month. AT&T will follow up shortly after with Sprint also confirmed to be jumping aboard before the end of 2013.

Verizon is now the only major American carrier which will not support HD Voice this year as it will finally join its competition in 2014.

AT&T’s support for HD Voice should finally begin to freshen up the network’s poor reputation for voice quality and boost its calls to match the quality of its competitors’. No longer will users have to concentrate so intently to understand a conversation through one of their supported phones.

Does the support of HD Voice inspire any changes in thought towards AT&T?