Lumia 920 Review

Nokia's Lumia 920 is a great phone, one of the best available. For the price—the features, build quality, PureView camera tech—consumers are, frankly, getting a bargain. And getting it on AT&T, which sells the 920 for just $99 with a two-year contract, also nabs you a Wireless Charging Plate for free (free!)—even more value for your dollar.

That offer was initially set to end in January, but AT&T is apparently extending the deal through Feb. 21, saving customers an additional $49.99. In TechnoBuffalo's Lumia 920 review, having the extra convenience of the charging plate was one of the coolest things about the device. It's offers like these that have no doubt helped Nokia reach better than expected Q4 results, and will likely continue to push its excellent Lumia lineup into more consumer minds.