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AT&T is no longer offering a full $450 in credit when you switch over from T-Mobile, a point T-Mobile CEO John Legere made on Twitter today.

TechnoBuffalo reached out to AT&T for an explanation and a spokesperson said that the offer was always meant as a limited-time promotion, though the company still offers several other deals for both new and existing customers. Technically, AT&T was only offering $250 to T-Mobile customers, and another $200 for a phone trade-in, an option that is still available to all customers. The deal officially ended on Jan. 31.

AT&T instead has new promotions to offer, including one that offers $100 in credit for each new line added for new or existing customers. The carrier also introduced new low price contracts for families and small businesses on Feb. 1, offering current subscribers the opportunity to save $40 to $100 per month depending on their current Mobile Share plan.