We've heard lots of rumors lately about the upcoming release of the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, or iPhone 5 AND 4S. But what's going to happen to the good ol' iPhone 3GS?

While one analyst suggested recently that Apple may keep the phone around as a prepaid option once a new model is released, a recent move by AT&T lends itself to the contrary.

The carrier has dropped the price of the refurbished model to just $9 with a new 2-year contract on the carrier. While new models are still available, AT&T's desire to clear out stock of the older models indicates that the phones may be on their way out – with AT&T attempting to clean house of all of its stock before that time comes.

The iPhone 3GS is currently only available on AT&T. Now that Apple is supporting Verizon (and potentially other carriers) it makes sense to phase out the phone and only keep the iPhone 4 which can potentially be supported by all mobile carriers.

What do you think? Does the $9 price tag mean the iPhone 3Gs is on its way out?

[via Electronista]