AT&T Mobile Share

AT&T is ending the week with some big news, announcing on Friday that it is "streamlining" its mobile data sharing plans for new customers. Announced last year, Mobile Share plans allow families to pool from a single data allotment rather than forcing folks to have their own individual plans. The feature has apparently become so popular among new customers that AT&T wants to make them even better—and the only option (for new customers).

Starting Oct. 25, new customers will be presented with the option to choose from any of AT&T's current Mobile Share plans—starting at $50 a month option (for dumb phones) or $70 per month (for smartphones)—both of which offer unlimited talk and text along with 300MB of shared data. AT&T says Mobile Share typically offers same or better price with additional value—about 95 percent of new customers choose Mobile Share—which is why more traditional plans are being dropped.

If you don't currently have a Mobile Share plan, and you're an existing customer, you have the choice to either switch or stick with the plan you've got; AT&T is making it explicitly clear that current customers do not have to switch if they don't want to, contrary to some competing carrier rules. More choice, happier customers.

Just this week, AT&T flipped the switch on thirteen more LTE markets, so you'll have plenty of opportunity to chug through your new mobile data sharing plan.