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AT&T on Monday announced existing customers, who are on a contract as of Jan. 18, 2014, and who feel their phone is aging a bit earlier than expected, can now switch to AT&T Next after six months. Previously, AT&T's Next plans, including Next 12 and Next 18, were only available to new customers or those who were not already on an AT&T contract.

Anyone who is eligible for AT&T Next can also move his or her plan over to a Mobile Share Value plan, which offer unlimited voice and text, and the ability to add new smartphone lines for $25 per line per month. If you're curious about your eligibility, AT&T said you can check by dialing "NEW#."

The move by AT&T is another in a series of "one-upping" that T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon have been participating in over the past several months, and may attract existing customers who want to take advantage of more frequent upgrade options.  As recently as this past weekend, Verizon announced a change to its Edge program, allowing customers to upgrade to a new device after just 30 days rather than the previous six month period, though it still requires at least half of the device's total cost be paid off first.