AT&T said it is open to the sale of some assets, including wireless towers, after an Analyst claimed that AT&T is working on unloading some assets in an attempt to bolster its balance sheet.

“We’ve seen others in the industry sell noncore assets, and if we wanted additional flexibility, that could be an option for us too,” stated AT&T spokesperson Brad Burns. Adding, “In all cases, our decisions are driven by what’s right for the company and for our shareowners. So in that sense, nothing’s off the table.”

Other analysts claim, this attempt to shore up cash does not mean the company is in any financial troubles. In fact, the company is expected to generate $14.8 billion in free cash flow. But on paper, AT&T is spending $14 billion in network upgrades, $11 billion in stock buybacks, a 4.9 percent annual dividend, a little extra cash to shows a bit more stability on the books wouldn’t hurt.

No word on when, where or even if these wireless assets would be sold. Figuring AT&T is investing $14 billion in network upgrades you’re likely not going to see any diminished service.