When AT&T bought DirecTV it promised to reveal an integrated new service. Now, just a few weeks later, the company is ready to rollout an all-in-one option that combines wireless service for your phone and a connection for your TV in a single package.

The new service will be available starting on Aug. 10. It offers 10GB of wireless data for up to four phones, as well as HD video and DVR for up to four television receivers. The entire package costs just $200 a month. AT&T says it will save you at least $600 per year, though there is a catch.

That price goes up a bit if you want to add home Internet as well, which we assume most people will. AT&T is offering 6Mbps Internet for $30 per month, 24Mbps for $40 per month, or “up to” 45Mbps and 75Mbps for $50 per month. Given the pricing there, we assume it just depends on whether the market you live in supports the faster speeds. The deal also lets you watch DirecTV live on your phone as an added bonus. AT&T says it will help people set up this service in stores when they sign up for the new package.

“We’re going to deliver more TV and entertainment choices to more screens – when and where our customers want it,” said AT&T’s entertainment and Internet services chief Brad Bentley. “And we’ll offer incredible value with more flexibility and convenience through our integrated packages that deliver a great experience.”

AT&T’s new offer seems pretty intriguing, especially if you’re looking to simplify your monthly bills a bit. However, we’ll have to reserve judgement until the service actually launches and we see how well it really works.