AT&T, now the proud owner of DirecTV and all the assets that come with it, sounds like it's going to have some pretty awesome content coming for its mobile subscribers. The company's CEO, speaking at the UBS Annual Global Media and Communications Conference, said that, now that AT&T has streaming rights for content previously only in the hands of DirecTV, it can start to offer more compelling ways for consumers to access shows, movies and more.

In the past, AT&T couldn't have possibly offered its consumers access to content from networks such as HBO or Showtime. Now that it owns DirecTV, however, things are starting to change. We first saw that when AT&T combined TV and wireless services this summer.

"We got the stacking rights and mobile rights," Stephenson told the crowd, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "This is a big deal… This is about the best over-the-top portfolio of content I believe in the United States." So what's AT&T going to do with the content and the rights it now owns? Sounds like it's going to bundle it up into a new product.

"We will put some new details on this, announce it and launch it in January, the idea that you put that portfolio of mobile stacked content together with a really robust wireless asset," the CEO explained. It's not clear what's on the table, but Stephenson suggested DirecTV, under AT&T, is interested in creating its own original content the way that other streaming media giants such as Netflix and Amazon have.

It's possible AT&T will use the stage at CES to introduce this new product. The annual trade show kicks off in early January in Las Vegas, and we'll be there in case Stephenson does reveal the new service.