During a recent Q&A session, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson revealed his interest in 700 MHz Lower A and B Block spectrum that Verizon is attempting to sell if granted regulatory approval to purchase AWS spectrum from several cable companies. Sharing his thoughts, Stephenson had the following to say: “The spectrum that Verizon has commented on that they’d be selling pairs perfectly with ours. If we were to have access to that spectrum we could put it to work in 60 days. In 60 days that would be up and running and hot.”

AT&T currently holds Lower B Block spectrum and has been expected to be a potential suitor for Verizon’s proposed spectrum offerings, should the opportunity become available. However, AT&T isn’t the only buyer interested in Big Red’s spectrum, as Verizon claims to have attracted 36 potential buyers. Stephenson also shared his thoughts on how the government needs to motivate spectrum owners to use or sell its spectrum to a company that will put it to use. “This is not an industry that is lacking for capital investment,” he said. “The thing that’s going to cause it to slow is just the availability of spectrum.”

[via: Fierce Wireless]