The new plan has the same 22GB cap that its regular unlimited data plan has; if customers pass that threshold, they’ll be subject to slower speeds. The deal is pretty good, but it comes with a few big compromises.

The unlimited plan will offer max data speeds of 3Mbps and 1.5Mbps, and standard definition streaming quality of 480p. Regular AT&T 4G LTE can get speeds up well over 50Mbps. But AT&T GoPhone is an alternative that can save customers $40 off AT&T’s regular unlimited data plan, which can run $100 for one line.

If you’re not in the need for the fastest speeds possible, you can save some money and still get unlimited data. Options are always the best way to get the best value. This is another option for AT&T customers that may net them big savings.

The plan also comes with unlimited calls and text to Mexico and Canada at no additional cost. If customers choose not to sign up for AutoPay, there will be an additional $5 charge for the plan, bringing the total to $65.

AT&T also introduced a cheaper option with less data

In case you’re not into unlimited data, AT&T also introduced a 6GB GoPhone plan for just $40 (with AutoPay). This plan offers unlimited talk, text and 6GB of data that rolls over each month. Previously, AT&T offered a 3GB plan for the same $40 tag. That’s a nice data increase for the same price. If customers exceed the 6GB cap, their speeds will be reduced to a slow 128Kbps.

The deals are really starting to come along as competition between carriers heats up. Just last month AT&T revised its regular unlimited data plan to include better features, and now those deals are coming to GoPhone customers.