at&t gigapower

AT&T is making good on its promise to offer Google Fiber-level internet service. The company announced today that it will launch its own gigabit network, called GigaPower, starting this December in Austin, Texas. Early Internet data speeds will start at 300Mbps, before jumping up to gigabit levels in 2014 once the full network is installed.

Like Google Fiber, AT&T will bring GigaPower to specific neighborhoods based on demonstrated interest. Austin residents who want high-speed Internet in their own backyard should head to the company's website via the source link below and vote to bring GigaPower to their neighborhood. Like with Google Fiber, this means the service will likely launch in wealthier parts of the region first.

AT&T is clearly racing to launch its own gigabit network ahead of Google Fiber, which is set to switch on in Austin in mid-2014. The company says it won't reveal GigaPower pricing until December when an early version of the network launches. Google, by comparison, was quick to announce the cost of its upcoming service; customers can get free 5 Mbps for seven years by simply paying an installation fee, high speed internet for $70 per month, or Internet and TV for $120 per month.