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AT&T on Saturday announced a slight overhaul to its Mobile Share plan pricing structure for existing and new customers that opt for 10GB of data (or more). Going forward, family plans with four people, for example, can get unlimited talk, text and 10GB of data—shared between family members—for about $160 per month. And the prices go up or down depending on how many smartphones are on that particular plan while still getting the 10GB of data. If you wanted five lines, you can get the huge 10GB chunk of data with unlimited talk and text for $175. Any more lines added to that is $15 more per line. For two smartphones on a plan with the similar family-size data, you're looking about $130 per month. Three lines would be $145.

You can always opt for a larger bucket of data, too, though prices will obviously fluctuate based on your preferred amount. New customers to AT&T can take advantage of these prices by signing up for the minimum 10GB of data and a purchase of a phone with AT&T Next; alternatively, customers can bring their own device over to AT&T, or purchase a device at full retail price to take advantage of the new pricing. Similar plans from competing carriers start at much more—Verizon, for example, charges $260 monthly for a comparable plan. You're saving about $100 if you're getting service through AT&T.

Existing AT&T customers will have the opportunity to switch over to the new pricing structure, too—10GB of data is the minimum—and expect to save between $40 and $100 per month, depending on what plan they currently have, AT&T said. For both new and current AT&T customers, any new line that's added (smartphone, tablet, etc.) will get a $100 bill credit applied to their account. The new pricing structure can be seen here, and they're all available beginning Sunday, Feb. 2.

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