5G is the future of mobile and carriers have been working really hard to make that possible sooner rather than later. For the most part, 5G has seemed like a far-fetched idea that we would see sometime in the distant future, yet AT&T and Samsung just announced they will release a 5G smartphone in mere months.

AT&T has been diligently building the infrastructure of its 5G network throughout the country, but it’s also going to need compatible smartphones to take advantage of the powerful network. To make this possible, it partnered up with Samsung, a company that’s always seeking to be on the cutting edge of technology, to create a device that can take advantage of the network. Today it announced the phone will be available to customers in spring 2019.

“5G is going to be about more than just network,” said David Christopher, president of AT&T Mobility and Entertainment. “Customers will eventually be able to connect in near real-time to unforeseen possibilities. Together with Samsung, we plan to bring the best in technology and innovation to our customers. The future we imagine with 5G is just beginning, and it is a great time to be a customer.”

The Samsung 5G phone will be the second 5G mobile device from AT&T following the introduction of the Netgear Hotspot earlier this year, but this one is obviously much more exciting as it’s something everyday customers can actually buy.

AT&T is also working with Samsung to launch 5G Innovation Zones to better understand the impact of 5G on the robot manufacturing factories.

AT&T did not reveal the pricing for this mysterious 5G Samsung phone nor a specific availability date.