AT&T is reportedly planning to launch a new prepaid plan in select test markets in June called "All in One." We've heard similar whispers in other circles, but Fierce Wireless provided a lot more on what we might be able to expect if and when the plans ever launch.

Apparently AT&T will offer three plans to start, priced at $35, $50 and $60. The $35 plan will apply for feature phones and the $50 option will provide 2GB of data for smartphones but will apparently not offer 4G LTE connectivity. Instead, those customers will only be able to surf on AT&T's slower HSPA network. A rumored $70 plan exists and will provide a total of 5GB of data per month, Fierce Wireless said.

AT&T already offers a prepaid service, however, which is why there's a lot of confusion as to why it might want to create a new brand. The phone above, the Galaxy Appeal, is one option from its GoPhone brand. We don't imagine All in One will replace the existing GoPhone prepaid option, but Fierce Wireless said the option will be available to all U.S. residents on June 15 after an initial test in Texas and Florida. AT&T has no comment on the matter for now, however, so we'll keep you in the loop if anything changes.