After four years of waiting, and about nine months since it was first demoed, AT&T's U-Verse IPTV (Internet Protocol television) service is finally landing on the Xbox 360 this coming Friday.  However, before you get too excited, for some mysterious reason it requires a technician to get it up and running for you, which means a service fee.

The Xbox is slowly morphing into an entertainment hub as opposed to something you just play games on.  With support for services such as Netflix's Watch Instantly, and the upcoming addition of ESPN, Microsoft is really turning the device into something that can appeal to just about any one in your home.  The latest addition is AT&T's U-Verse service which will allow you to access your DVR from whatever room you place the gaming console into.

U-Verse Logo"Now you can get our award-winning U-verse services on your big screen TV, online, on your mobile phone, and integrated with your Xbox 360," said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. "Our IPTV strategy is putting AT&T at the forefront by delivering U-verse content where you want it. And now we're extending the U-verse experience to more AT&T smartphone customers with the upcoming launch of U-verse Mobile on Windows Phone 7 devices."

"AT&T has a legacy of innovation and teamed up with Microsoft to build a differentiated all-IP TV offering to enable the future of TV services for their customers," said Andreas Mueller-Schubert, General Manager of the Media Platforms Business, Microsoft Corp. "We're excited to extend that relationship today through new initiatives that make TV anywhere a possibility, delivering rich entertainment experiences for consumers across multiple screens, inside and outside the home."

The bad thing is you can't just get this on your Xbox if you already subscribe to the service.  Existing customers will need to pay $99 for an Xbox kit that we aren't sure what it contains, and pay $55 for a technician to install the software for you.  (Apparently you are incapable of following on screen prompts)  New customers will only pay the $99 for the Xbox kit and we guess the technician fee will be included in subscribing to the service.

While the concept sounds useful to be sure, the pricing is a bit scary to just get it set up.

What say you?  Will you be adding U-Verse to your Xbox?