If you’re a frequent attendee of NFL games, you might notice that service can sometimes be spotty or overloaded inside the huge, largely concrete stadiums. AT&T is working to alleviate that in the Miami Dolphins stadium, and recently added 1,100 Wi-Fi access points to the 75,000 person venue. It’s a first for the stadium, which until now didn’t have any public Wi-Fi access, AT&T said.

So far fans are already quickly jumping on board with the new offering. AT&T noted 21,000 connections during the first game with Wi-Fi active, and more than 1 million megabytes of data transferred across the wireless network. The carrier said that the service requires a distributed antenna system (DAS) that is equivalent to a total of 16 different cell sites. Anywhere else, that kind of power would be enough to provide access to an entire town, such as Miami Beach, AT&T explained.

“We have a commitment from ownership to create a stimulating and interactive environment at all of the events at Sun Life Stadium including football, soccer, and concerts,” senior vice president and chief information officer of the Miami Dolphins and Sun Life Stadium Tery Howard said.

Hey AT&T – how about adding some Wi-Fi to MetLife stadium next?