Nationwide 5G networks aren't expected to go live until sometime next year, but in 2018 some carriers have plans for multi-city trials. AT&T just announced the first three cities in the United States that will be covered by its 5G network this year.

Customers in Dallas, Waco, and Atlanta are gaining access to 5G connectivity before anyone else. AT&T previously stated it will have a dozen cities participating in its trial; however, we only know of these three to start.

Here's what AT&T said about its approach:

"After significantly contributing to the first phase of 5G standards, conducting multi-city trials, and literally transforming our network for the future, we're planning to be the first carrier to deliver standards-based mobile 5G — and do it much sooner than most people thought possible."

Keep in mind, though, that you'll need a 5G-ready phone and, as of now, there are none on the market. By the end of the year, AT&T and other carriers should have compatible mobile devices in their lineups.

AT&T will announce additional cities in the coming months.