AT&T announced that it’ll go live with 5G connectivity in three more U.S. cities than initially planned.

The new locations include Charlotte, Raleigh, and Oklahoma City. AT&T says it selected them to have a mix of big and mid-sized cities. By launching in different types of areas throughout the U.S., the carrier believes its 5G network will undergo a necessary stress test.

Earlier this year, AT&T named the first three cities where its 5G network would be tested. Dallas, Waco, and Atlanta were confirmed back in February. But now we have six cities in the U.S. that are going to see next-generation connectivity before the rest of the country. As of now, it looks like AT&T and its competitors will embark on nationwide roll-outs throughout 2019.

Just don’t expect 5G-ready mobile devices anytime soon. Like the other carriers, AT&T will limit customers to a Wi-Fi hotspot this year. Then, in 2019, we’ll see phones and tablets join AT&T’s lineup.

The carrier also reminded us that it already has the foundational technology for its 5G network activated in more than 140 markets. In these markets, wireless speeds can hit a “peak theoretical” of 400 megabits per second.