Etrian Odyssey Broccoli

Atlus has opened a brand new teaser site for what looks like a new game. The title of the game remains a mystery, but there is one thing for certain. "This is not broccoli," as the teaser site is titled.

Thanks. I wasn't assuming it was, but I can get the joke. The artwork on the teaser site reveals a gigantic tree which can be climbed in increments of thousands of meters. Hints about the game reveal themselves with each stop.

I'll go out of my way and spoil the surprise for you. The green tree, not broccoli, comes from Atlus' brilliant Etrian Odyssey series. The font and aesthetics of the text boxes and buttons are also a dead giveaway, meaning we'll be getting an announcement in the coming weeks for a new game.

If you have never had the opportunity to play along with the franchise, then I highly recommend you pick up either Etrian Odyssey 4 or Etrian Odyssey Untold on the Nintendo 3DS. Both are quality entry level games with a casual mode for newcomers, but they also provide the series' infamous steep learning curve for those looking for the true beast of these games.

Atlus' Etrian Odyssey team has wrapped up development on Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, which was released earlier this month in Japan and is scheduled for a release this fall/winter in the West. I was happy to see the team take on another property, but now I am equally happy to see it return to its baby.

Man, I can't wait for more Etrian Odyssey games.