I understand that there are two sides to the argument on “censorship” when it comes to cultural differences between North America and Japan. Some things are simply more acceptable in one country than they are in another, but an entire generation now raised on Japanese pop-culture wants to see those walls tumbling down.

Look, I get it, and in some situations, not all, I agree. But there are also times when those calling out publishers and decrying them for censorship are just plain petty. Take this instance regarding Persona 5’s box for example. For the North American box, the cat character named Morgana was moved a centimeter up and to the right. Pretty harmless overall.

And the reason? Well, many knuckleheads out there had the idea that it was done to cover up the slightest amount of Anne’s cleavage. Barely noticeable cleavage, something that wouldn’t even get a notice unless a nine-year old pointed it out whiling giggling through his toothy, boyish grin.

But since we live in an age when the gaming world flips its lid over any hint of a change to the precious sanctity of their hobby, gamers do as they do and called out Atlus hard. The whole “artistic integrity” and whatever other buzzwords they use to justify their arguments. The response? Atlus’ PR Manager John Hardin gives the explanation behind the shift, which was not to cover up the cleavage, and then properly calls everyone out.

It was because they didn’t want to cover the character with the rating label. Makes perfectly logical sense, and it took less than 160 characters to explain it! The other characters were spent properly smacking down these ticking time-bombs of nerd rage.

Thanks, Atlus. We don’t get to see such unapologetic tones from today’s companies who are constantly trying to suck up to audiences, and Atlus is a company in which its actions speak louder than its words. It calls out fans, and, at the same time, has a wall of invincibility because of how well it treats its fans with its products.

And need I remind you, this is the company which put THIS out on retail shelves.


Seriously. Calm down all you conspiracy gamers. Big brother is not coming to take your games. You’re giving us a bad name and picking all the wrong fights.