Yakuza 5

I hate rumors. I especially hate rumors that have a low chance of being legitimate, yet present something I really, really, really want to see happen.

Take this one from the rumor column in EGM. They have an inside source, apparently, who knows that Atlus is working on localizing Yakuza 5 for western PlayStation 3 owners.

Why even joke about this, EGM? Here I am, all revved up for a release I've been dying to see.

When Sega sort of had to shift around its publishing model in the wake of extreme losses, I considered Yakuza 4 to likely be the last full game in the series to make its way out of Japan. Yakuza 5 dropped in that nation and never brought wind of releasing abroad.

Then Atlus' parent company went under. Atlus was acquired by Index Corporation. Index Corporation is a subsidiary of Sega. And now Sega has a brilliant and effective localizing team at its disposal.

And thus we have a new rumor that suggests Atlus is bringing Sega's Yakuza 5 to the States.

I hate rumors.