Atlus has officially announced plans to localize Lancarse’s sleeper-hit strategy RPG Lost Dimension in North America. The game scored a decent reception in Japan despite being an original franchise, and the game sports a long list of inspirations and developers of well-known games behind it.

Lost Dimension takes a group of characters called the SEALED, and it is their job to, you guessed it, save the world. An apocalyptic being called The End threatens to destroy the Earth, and only these eleven warriors are able to prevent that from happening. The twist comes from your protagonist’s ability to read minds and find out which of the other eleven are loyal to the cause and which are actually traitors.

Snooping through the others’ thoughts will spell out who needs to be banished from the group before they do more harm than good.

Sounds like an interesting idea, and the game sports plenty of storytelling prowess behind it as well. Development studio Lancarse is made up of former Atlus employees, many of whom have worked on the Etrian Odyssey games and the bone-chilling Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey. Just imagine perfectly capturing the paranoia of John Carpenter’s The Thing, except the story uses demons instead of aliens in the Antarctic setting, and you’ve got a pretty good idea on what to expect from that game.

The game credits the main writer as the same who penned the Persona 3 movies as well. Sounds exciting, and I could always use yet another Atlus JRPG on my PS Vita. We’ll let you know how it turns out. Keep an eye out for Lost Dimension this summer.