The Legend of Legacy has been pretty high on the list of Japanese games that I hope get an English localization. For a year or so now, it seemed like Western publishers were going to let this one slip by despite it being development company FuRyu’s biggest launch of all time, but Atlus U.S.A. PR manager John Hardin might have just let it leak that Atlus has picked it up.

On the latest episode of the Shin Megami Tensei Social Link podcast, Hardin dropped this little gem when asked about future prospects.

“That’s not to say we’re not looking beyond not-not just Aquaplus and Spike Chun, and everything. I hope we see a lot more Japanese games come over here. Actually, we did announce The Legend of Legacy is coming over here, and we have another one in the can, too, that I can’t talk about yet, ha ha ha ha. But another really niche Japanese game that actually isn’t even out yet—we’re bringing it over for the 3DS later this year. What could it be?”

Wait a minute. No, you didn’t! Nobody at Atlus has said anything about The Legend of Legacy or I definitely would have picked up on it. Gematsu does point out that Atlus has announced the release of Stella Grow, and it is possible that he got the two games flipped in his mind.

Anyway, I like the chances of this partnership a lot. Atlus is still top dog when it comes to localizing niche Japanese titles despite a few others like XSEED stepping up to the plate over the years. If anybody is going to give The Legend of Legacy a decent shot, it’s Atlus.

The Legend of Legacy did pretty well financially for FuRyu considering it is an original IP from a small company, but it didn’t get the best scores from critics or the fanbase in Japan. My guess is that it is because much of the talent behind it once worked on Square’s polarizing SaGa series, and these developers stuck to the same design approaches that tends to polarize attitudes toward that series.

Or the game is just terrible, and I am getting my hopes up for nothing.

At any rate, consider this just a rumor for now. It if comes true, all we’ll have to do is buckle down and hope that Dragon Quest VII makes it to the States. If that happens, I won’t close out this Nintendo 3DS generation with any major feelings of regret or short-handedness with these two games available in English.