Atelier Sophie is back with a new batch of screenshots, and once again, the true star here is our tubby friend Oscar. For a series that mainly stars cute, thin female characters, he certainly does a lot to chew up the space in these screenshots.

And by that, I mean because of his lovable personality, hardly because of his awkward and expansive pear shaped build.

Beyond Oscar, we get a look at three newer characters: Leon, Fritz, and Julio. Julio sports the large sword and candy cane striped pants. Fritz is a bearded, dual-sword wielding old man. 51 is ancient in JRPG years. Leon is actually a lady, the bluish haired one without much of an outfit in the chest region.

Seriously, the “outfits” our female cast wears, if we can even call them that, are just silly in this series. They are hardly the scandalous getups worn by girls in other games from the genre, but all the same, they make absolutely no sense. The torn dresses, the ridiculous hats, and clash of metal and clothes, each is just a mishmash of felt and other material thrown into something resembling clothes.

The JRPG genre often takes heat for its goofy sense of fashion, and Atelier certainly never helps it look any better in that regard.

The gameplay looks the same as ever. I still haven’t bitten off into the series yet, but I do recognize that the battle system and item creation systems don’t look that different from previous batches of screenshots. Developer Gust clearly knows its audience, and it delivers what it wants every single time.

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book releases on Sept. 25 in Japan for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita.