Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book is the latest game in Gust and Tecmo Koei’s annual alchemy JRPG series, and it will be the first game released for the PlayStation 4. PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions are also inbound, making it available to a wide audience regardless of if they’ve jumped into the new generation yet.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the PlayStation 3 holding back development, because these games don’t look overly complicated.

This latest game introduces three new lady protagonists, one of them being a book transformed into a human being. However, this might be the first Atelier game in which an adorable anime girl is not the most interesting character. For that role, we look to their male compatriot.

Oh, don’t we all know it. We’re all looking at that chubbier gentleman, who is named Oscar, in these screenshots, imagining ourselves as the “slightly out of shape” hero who gets to adventure with cute anime girls all day long. Never have to stress abut those muffin tops. Oh, the joys of the simple life… Here’s to my new hero, Oscar!

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book will be released in Japan on Sept 25. Look for a Western release in the spring 2016. That’s how long these localizations usually take.