I swear, every time I write about this series, I promise I am going to check it out, and I always get sidetracked by work, life, or another game I would rather play. As it stands now though, about 90 percent of my gaming is done on my PS Vita these days, and a similar percentage is dedicated to the JRPG genre. It seems like the time has finally come to snag one of these and hammer it out.

Atelier Ayesha Plus ~The Alchemist of Dusk~ is now available on the PlayStation Store for the PS Vita, and along with it comes a fantastical and adorable trailer setting up the game's characters and storyline. These "Plus" versions of the games are actually Vita ports from the PlayStation 3 builds, but because the graphics and gameplay are not overly complicated, very little seems to be lost in the process.

I know the series has quite a few fans around here, and they always recommend that I try one out. I think I am more interested in giving one a spin just to get an idea about how developer GUST cranks one out every stickin' year and still manages to keep things fresh. A deep RPG experience comes second in this regard. I understand that the series has no beginning or end and that each entry is a self contained story with only hints towards other entries.

I just really need a little direction on where to get started.

My instincts are telling me to go with the first PlayStation 2 game to hit Western shores, but that is a little difficult to come by these days. Not to mention the same holds true for a working PlayStation 2 for that matter.

Give me a title that is relatively cheap, fast paced, preferably portable, and tells a nice story without missing too much from the other games. If I can get around to it, I'll try to toss it on top of my backlog this year. I promise.