Nope! No. That’s it. I’m done. Fallout 4 is too much of a time sink for me to consider dumping full time hours into. I’ve sunk more than enough hours into it, explored beyond the borders of where I was probably supposed to go, blasted my way through my fair share of gunfights, and did a lot of fetch quests without the reward of interesting character interaction, but someone has to go and put this video up.

This isn’t an RPG, it’s a sandbox with levels and quests. Bethesda knew it was aiming for something new the second it put the settlement construction option into the game, and here’s the ultimate form of abuse its system can possibly bare.

AT-AT walkers… life-sized and built from the ground up. Don’t believe me, watch YouTube user Ops_Specialist’s video just to see what I mean. And they aren’t just solid recreations either. You can go inside them, take a nap, escape from the harmful hazards of the Commonwealth. Yes, these are actual settlements, guaranteed to repel nearly any incoming invader.

Better just hope that those raiders aren’t armed with harpoons and tow cables.