Looking for a new Android Wear watch? A fresh price cut for the ASUS ZenWatch may make it one of the best options out there right now, even if the ZenWatch 2 is right around the corner.

You can pick up the ZenWatch for just $149; that’s $50 off the original price. Order one from Best Buy and see it ship in one business day. Amazon is also offering the same deal, though it says the device won’t actually arrive for one to two months. By then the new model could be in stores.

Speaking of which, the ZenWatch 2 boasts an even slimmer frame and faster charging. It’s also expected to offer a better battery life, though ASUS hasn’t confirmed exactly how long it will last per charge. The new model comes in 37mm and 41mm size options, both of which will be available in silver, black or gold.

The design is a clear iteration on the original ZenWatch, but it still features plenty of improvements. The bezels are thinner, and there’s a new crown button that clicks to turn the device on and off. Finally, it’s waterproof, which is always nice.

Unfortunately we still don’t know exactly when the ZenWatch 2 will launch or how much it costs. For now check out some images of the second-generation smartwatch below, or hit the source links to grab an original ZenWatch now.