Transformer Prime GPS dongleRemember that free GPS dongle that Asus was offering to Transformer Prime users who have been experiencing GPS issues with their tablet? Well, unless you live in the United States, Taiwan, or certain parts of Europe, you won't be receiving one.

You see, Asus is only offering the dongle to customers who purchased the device with the understanding it has "Full GPS." In parts of Europe and in other territories, the device was marketed with a "GPS Locator" or "localized positioning" instead, which, according to Asus, means that "no broken promises or misleading claims" were made.

In other words, because Asus didn't promise "Full GPS" in these territories, it isn't bothered if the feature doesn't work properly.

The company posted a statement to its Italian Facebook page, which, when poorly translated by Google, reads:

"Guys confirm that the initiative is reserved for those territories where Prime was marketed with the GPS between the specifications of the product. So mainly the U.S. and Taiwan. In Italy Prime was marketed with a GPS locator, and not with a "Full" as car navigation. Function that we believe the rest is useless in combination with a tablet. Customers who bought Prime has done with the understanding that GPS is not present, then from our side there were no broken promises or misleading claims. We do not understand then what the reason of your critical Riccardo. Among other things, the satisfaction level of users who bought Prime is very high. In sharp contrast with what you say. It means that the product performs its function very well"

It's unclear exactly which European countries are eligible, so you'll need to contact your local service center to see whether you're entitled to a free GPS dongle. However, if there's any mention of "Full GPS" on your Transformer Prime's packaging, you should be okay.

And if you're not, well, don't expect any help from Asus.

Are you eligible for a free GPS dongle for your Transformer Prime?