Asus headquartersAsus will launch a Windows Phone 7 device when the company is ready. The handset maker has previously dedicated itself to introducing Android tablets and phones, with the latest being its PadFone at Mobile World Congress (a TechnoBuffalo favorite). But Asus wants to expand its reach, "when [they] think it is the right time."

Speaking with Pocket-lint, Benson Lin, global head of Asus' handheld division, said the Taiwan-based company has established a very close relationship with Microsoft, so a handset may potentially be prepared for the future.

Right now, though, Lin is sizing up Asus' competition by carrying a Windows Phone device made by HTC. "In my pocket, I always carry two competitor products," Lin said. "At the moment I have a HTC Titan and a Galaxy Nexus."

And how does Lin think Asus stacks up? "All of our spec, panel, storage, even design we can compete," Lin said. "I think we are strong to be able to compete in the market, and we have something different, we have the PadStation."

While Lin was coy on when an Asus branded device would hit the market running Microsoft's latest OS, it does sound like the company is certainly entertaining the idea. For now, Asus just wants to "focus and focus and focus" on its current lineup, rather than churn out device after device.

[via Pocket Lint]