A couple of years back, British cosmologist Stephen Hawking caused quite a stir around the globe when he advised mankind against contacting aliens, for it could lead to a highly advanced alien species paying us a rather hostile visit. In case his fears aren’t entirely unwarranted as some contend, it might already be too late for us to prevent them from contacting us. As it turns out, our planet is surrounded by an ever-expanding radio emission bubble over 100 light-years in diameter. While the possibility of an alien invasion has been probed umpteen times in science fiction, its impact on product warranties has been entirely overlooked. Hit the jump for more.

As you know, product warranties are limited by certain exclusions. For instance, they don’t usually cover any damage caused by natural disasters. But what if an alien species invades planet Earth and intentionally or unintentionally damages your laptop or tablet in the process? For the sake of this article, we are going to assume that you will be in a position to pick up the pieces of your life after the invasion and that few of those pieces will be from an Asus product still under warranty.

Well in that case, you can forget all about making a warranty claim because the Taiwanese vendor is farsighted enough to expressly exclude space invasions from “your ASUS Warranty Extension Program.” This is probably another good reason for us to avoid contact with intelligent extraterrestrials.

Image Credit: BitSnipe

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