We touched Asus’s new Windows 8 Smart Tablet and it’s beautiful and very snappy. We weren’t able to really let this guy out of his cage—just a few quick swiped and clicks—but it certainly felt really nice. Realllllly nice.

Look: Asus is one of the better hardware manufacturers around—among Apple, HTC, Microsoft, you name it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the company gets as much consumer interest as the big boys, despite offering an excellent Transformer line for Android. But we still got our mitts on the Windows 8 Smart Tablet, because why not?

The 10.1-inch LED-backlit IPS display (1366×768) looked pretty good under the bright CES lights, and it felt pretty light, too. Not only that, but it felt thin, not even there, which is good because of its size. We didn’t try the camera, or even test out NFC, because it was strapped down. While it seemed to operate smoothly here on the show floor, we wonder how its Intel Atom chip will hold up after more demanding tasks.

We’d still like hard numbers on price and release, but for now enjoy some shots of the device itself.