Google Galaxy Nexus TabletThose Google Nexus Tablet rumors that seem to be getting louder by the day? Turns out they've all been onto something, and we may have gotten a sniff of what's in store all the way back at CES.

According to AndroidandMe's trusted sources, Google was so impressed with Asus' $250, 7-inch quad-core tablet unveiled in January that the search giant tapped the Taiwanese company to build Google's upcoming Nexus Tablet.

As Amazon as proved, cheap tablets with robust ecosystems make for great alternatives to Apple's iPad. Asus' price point is almost at that impulse buy level, and AndroidandMe speculates Asus' tablet can chop off that extra $50 of fat by nixing some of its built-in storage in favor of an SD card slot. That way the quad-core device will sit at a cool $200, making for some great iPad and Kindle Fire competition.

With Google's impending acquisition of Motorola Mobility, it's strange that Motorola wouldn't have the reigns of such a huge project, but then again, this is still just a rumor. While the final product name is unknown, domains snatched up recently are pointing to the possible moniker of Google Play, with production set for April.

[via Android and Me]