Amazon recently spilled the beans on Acer's $399 W3-810 8.1-inch Windows 8 tablet, but it won't be the only company competing in that arena. Asus says it will follow in those footsteps later this year. The Wall Street Journal recently spoke with the firm's CEO who said the company also believes that it will be able to sell Windows 8 tablets for under $300, which lines up to similar comments made by outgoing Intel CEO Paul Otellini.

Microsoft, too, is expected to launch new Surface-branded tablets in the 7-inch range as soon as next month, although it has not made those plans public just yet. There are fears, however, that the company has not learned from the expensive price tags of its earlier Surface devices. Asus thinks 2013 could be a much better year for the operating system, however. "We're very optimistic about sales for Windows 8 tablets this year," Asus CEO Jerry Shen told The Wall Street Journal.

Acer, Asus, Microsoft and others will certainly need to drop the price of the tablets in order to compete with the popularity of low-cost Android tablets from Google, Amazon and others, especially as the PC industry continues its decline. Still, Acer and Asus are major manufacturers of Android-devices, so it's unclear how important the Windows 8 endgame is to those firms.