Asus TransSleeve for Transformer Prime

With its release now imminent, Asus has begun teasing accessories for its new Transformer Prime tablet — the first tablet on the market to feature NVIDIA's quad-core Tegra 3 processor. One of those accessories is the 'TransSleeve' cover, a panel that protects the device's display and acts as a stand for typing of watching movies.

Before I continue, however, I have to point out one thing that I know you'll already be thinking at this point: the TransSleeve looks a lot like the iPad 2's Smart Cover. I have to agree. At first glance, I though this was an iPad 2 Smart Cover, but there are a few differences.

As you'll see in the video below, instead of a magnetic fixing, the TransSleeve slots into two connectors on the bottom of the Transformer Prime. Unfortunately, that's the same connectors used by the tablet's keyboard dock, which means you won't be able to use both of these accessories at the same time.

It's unclear how the TransSleeve stays closed against the Transformer Prime's display — like the Smart Cover — but it does act as a stand for typing or watching movies. Instead of rolling up, however, the TransSleeve uses a strange origami-like folding method.

The video was posted to Asus Taiwan's Facebook page, so unfortunately it's not in English, but you get a good understanding of how the accessory works even without the sound.

Will you be purchasing a TransSleeve with your Transformer Prime?

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