Asus ROG GX860 Buzzard

A new gaming mouse from Asus ROG

Looking for a new mouse for your gaming rig? The Republic of Gamers arm of Asus has introduced a new mouse "ergonomically designed" for long gaming sessions. Called the GX860 Buzzard, this peripheral includes high-quality Omron switches, LED illumination (red, orange, or green), and a two-way DPI switch.

"ROG GX860 is a high-performance gaming mouse without compromise," the company boasts. "Our engineers pooled their unrivaled expertise and conducted extensive trials and testing to create a mouse that caters to all gamers across all gaming genres. It epitomizes the ROG spirit—ambidextrous design, high-accuracy laser sensor, customizable controls, and a smooth-glide underside."

The mouse includes an Avago 9800 laser sensor capable of DPI settings between 50 and 8,200. The device also provides programmable left, right, and scroll-wheel buttons; three programmable side buttons; two programmable DPI resolution switches; and two built-in forward and back buttons. All buttons have a 5 million–click lifespan.

Asus says that the mouse has an ergonomic design "that suits all grip types," but it's designed only for right-handed gamers (sorry lefties). The Buzzard also utilizes fluoropolymer feet so that it can fly across your desktop space with ease. The side grips are heat-resistant, non-peeling and sport a "Mayan-inspired" detailing.

Packed with the new mouse is a program for customizing the device. Users can change the color of the LED lighting, program the buttons, and change the double-click speed, the USB polling, the height cut-off, and more. Once the mouse is tweaked to perfection, users can test their mouse settings in a virtual test arena.

Unfortunately, Asus did not provide availability or pricing, so keep an eye out for this mouse (if it tickles your fancy, of course) at your favorite electronics retailer.

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