That weird and strange rumored Asus Qube is an actual device—not just folklore—and it comes with Google TV preloaded, along with Google Play access for all those apps and games and such. This is basically everything Google's doomed Nexus Q should have been, though that wild globe shape is absent. Darn.

This isn't just something that plays a few videos; Asus Qube is an all-out media onslaught that not only accesses Google Play, but Chrome, and YouTube. Android is invading your living room, folks. Get ready. There's no price—or release for that matter—attached to the Qube, but if this delivers on its promise, this could become one of the best living room companions yet. Google Play access alone (over 100,000 movies and TV shows!) is enough to warrant a look.

The Qube is set up in an interesting way; Asus says it has developed a "unique Qube interface," though it's unclear how it'll look or work. You can use a traditional remote, or—as will probably be the case for anyone interested in purchasing the Qube—you can use your smartphone or tablet with the Mobile Remote app. But app shmap. Google Play on your TV.

Have you seen Transformers? Because the Qube looks precisely like the Allspark. But for your living room. In addition to being a content delivery system, the Qube offers motion control and voice search, and includes 50GB of WebStorage cloud space out of the box. This is already much more exciting than the Nexus Q and we haven't even touched it.