On Feb. 25, Asus will show off something it's referring to as "The Metallic Miracle." That sounds to us like a comic book hero, but more likely it has to do with an impressive new phone/tablet—perhaps the Transformer line? The video itself is titled "ultimate craftsmanship," which Asus has proved time and time again over these past several months.

"Wait, is that a metallic object flying across the sky?" a man's voice in the video asks incredulously. The vacationer—we assume so since he's in Barcelona and speaks perfect English—seems relatively calm about the matter. Too calm if you ask me. "It's landing?!" he says as the "metallic object" docks into the church. I hope nobody was in there.

We'll find out what Asus is really teasing when the company takes the stage on Feb. 25. TechnoBuffalo will be at Mobile World Congress, where hopefully no objects of any material fall from the skies.